Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Thursday night is coming.
It's coming crafty peeps.

Clear your schedule, get tea on the table early, call in your babysitter,
pack your crafty satchel and get on down to Chair 14.

I'll save a seat for you.


  1. ok, so this time I will not let a headache get me down!!

  2. I would love to come, but I'm working this Thursday and can't face dragging myself out of the house again after finally reaching home. I know full-time worker peeps manage it all the time but working four hour shifts wipes me out!

  3. will be there with bells on.... (:

  4. ready to go, will just find my quick underpick...

  5. Oh goodness. Will I really have to rumble..?? !!!

  6. I got to Darebin Road on public transport but I'm afraid my dodgy ankle couldn't quite cope with the walk down the road. I got half way and had to get a cab home alas! Next time I'll organise a cab there..