Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's nearly time

Greetings Craft Bonanza Peeps!

While Tinniegirl is off swanning around in San Fran, and telling tales about 'this one time at art camp', it's time for all of us to get together for another bonanza.

Come along and share in the crafty fun (and have some dinner, or some coffee and cake too). Bring a little project that you can work on while chatting the night away.

Same time, same place:

Thursday 25th February
Chair 14
167 Darebin Rd
7PM - 9PM


  1. This one time, at Craft Bonanza...

    Have fun peeps! I'll see you at the next one.

  2. Can't wait ... and it'll be sad without Cathy although I loved the photos today of San Fran. PS You have to tell us about the photo shoot.

  3. I might have to reluctantly miss this one... I have to make a dress for this Saturday. Which isn't started yet. Argh!