Friday, March 12, 2010

Another great night

Fun for me at NCB is measured by the amount of craft I DON'T get done ... and last night was an extremely fun night. Absolutely no crafting done!

But there was plenty of craft being done by others and a puzzle to be solved by others ... the names of many of the crafters. (PS I'm pleading age here for my inability to retain names ... sorry everybody).

And the photos I got are:

A good luck angel by Tracey

I've been watching the evolution of this little angel over the last month or so ... from a collection of coloured threads, cotton and an embroidery circle to this. She's a total sweetie ... and destined for a good home.

A Curlypops brooch

Cam's brooches are always gorgeous, and now I'm starting to see a few more parts of the construction. Deceptively simple really, but the best things always are.

Crocheted coral by Margaret and Marianne

We welcomed a few new members last night and among them were a couple of ladies feverishly crocheting coral for the Melbourne Satellite Reef Project. This was an entirely new concept for me but an exceptional idea ... a reef entirely composed of crocheted items. New crocheters and submissions to the project are welcomed ... so check out the blog for workshop dates and patterns.

Fabric and button brooch by Angela

Angela, another new member, was working on a really cute brooch. I kept meaning to get back to Angela to look a little more at what she was doing but I never did. Definitely next time.

Crocheted mitt by Lara

Lara was working on a pair of sparkly autumnal crocheted mitts ... perfect for those winter days of crafting. These were nothing more than a rectangle with a crocheted seam and a small opening for a thumb but don't they look great. I was chatting to Lara about the difference yarn and material choice can make on a project ... and needing to get past the colour choices of pattern makers. I'm glad Lara has that knack because the clunky cream choice of the pattern maker was a definite turn off for me.

Multicoloured socks by Jen

I've watched the evolution of these socks over the last month or so (and even tried to get the ribbing for my socks cast on ... no luck!) and these are the bomb. I love the deep colours (they just look warm) and the pattern just screams ... well, socks. I'm definitely adding this pattern to my stash.

Anna adding lace to a pretty 70s inspired frock

Another of the new members ... adding the deepest and prettiest (I love the colour) shade of aqua lace to this sweet summer frock made from vintage fabric. This was definitely a dress I would wear myself so I admired (drooled is probably closer to the truth) this dress for quite a while and I haven't finished yet.

That's probably enough from me. Don't forget to post about anything I've cocked up (in particular omitted names) and let me know a blog address if you have one. I'll add these and tidy up as I learn them.

See you all in a fortnight. xo


  1. Looks like a brilliant evening out. Love the photos.

  2. I promise the finished socks will go up on my blog when they're done!

  3. I can't wait to have something fun to do instead of my face washers! Not that I get much doen anyway.