Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NCB in the Newspaper

L-R - Betty Jo, CurlyPops, Finki, Melbourne Epicure

The Northern Craft Bonanza is featured in the Northcote Leader today - yah!

A huge thankyou must go to our illustrious creator and leader Tinniegirl, who sadly wasn't able to make it for the interview and photoshoot as she was far far away in America on her Art Retreat.

We'll be at Chair 14 tomorrow night - Thursday 4th March from 7PM - 9PM. Come along and say hi, and bring something handheld to craft with. Everyone is welcome.


  1. looking funky liz ... i like the photo. also very chuffed to be included in the 20s-40s age group ... although not for much longer. have a great night everybody and hi to nicole m for her first ever visit.

  2. Thanks for the love CurlyPops. I'm looking forward to being back and crafting real soon.