Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrating Tracey's (Mistea) skills

This week I was all prepared to take photos but when I saw the bag Tracey from Mistea crafts had made I knew I wanted to focus on her embroidery.

I'm still the newbie at NCB so this sort of embroidery is new to me. I had no idea of its possibilities. To me it looked rather unprepossessing.

But this bag is a great example of what crafters do ... and what so many do really well. They take a kit (this one's from Red Brolly), or the germ of an idea, skills across multiple disciplines and come up with something original and clever.

Exactly like this bag.

Now Tracey has me considering the possibilities of straight stitch embroidery ...

PS For a little more detail re putting the bag together, check out a partial step by step on Tracey's blog.


  1. Sorry I missed it! I'll have to catch up next time.

  2. Beautiful bag, very appealing.

  3. Very pretty - and such neat stitching!

  4. Wow! That is a fun bag...and great embroidery! I'm happy you focused on it, too -- thanks for sharing! :)